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The Social Cog Family Funday (Members Only)

Dear Friends of The Social Cog,


We are excited to announce that The Social Cog will be hosting its 3rd annual online fundraiser, Sunrise to Sunset: Virtual Fundraiser and Silent Auction. The fundraiser will kick-off with a Family Funday (Members & Family Only) at Oleta River State Park on Saturday, August 5th and will culminate on Saturday, August 12th at Sunset.


We would be honored if you would consider one of the many ways to participate and support this great cause. Your contribution will help us continue to provide vital services to those who need them most at a reduced cost, as well as allow us to expand our program to other communities. Our growing waiting list currently has 22 members who eagerly want to join our program.


If you are interested in joining our program, please send us an application or contact us for more information at 305.501.2333 ext.3 or sdamelio@thesocialcog.org 


You have to be a Member to attend our social events.

We work hard as a team to help our Members connect with each other based on specific interests, characteristics, and needs.


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