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About The Social Cog

The Social Cog is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization created to address a previously unmet need for independently functioning adults with developmental and learning disabilities.  The Social Cog creates connections and community for the participants.

How Does The Social Cog Work?
The goal of the activities is to create social connections between participants and create a sense of community through enriching experiences. Participants attend outings and make connections with others who share common interests. They are encouraged to socialize with each other during the outings and connect to at least one other person with whom they can socialize between outings.  Our staff provides social coaching (during and inbetween outings) and helps foster connections between participants.  

Who Does The Social Cog Serve?
Independently functioning adults, ages 18 and older, with learning and developmental disabilities.

How do I Become a Participant in The Social Cog?
Contact us by phone or email and let us know you are interested. One of our staff members will call to discuss the program and set up a meeting to ensure that the individuals and the organization are an appropriate match. The application can be completed and submitted online. Participants need to provide their own transportation to and from events. In addition, participants are asked to attend all of the outings and make an effort to connect with others during and between outings.

How Is The Social Cog Different from Other Social Groups?
Typically social skills training takes place in an office setting.  In contrast, The Social Cog programs occur throughout the community and it's participants receive social coaching and assistance with relationship development and management during and in between programs in a natural and practical way. The members receive the guidance they need to create long-standing friendships and community.

What, When, and Where are the Social Cog Outings?
The Social Cog outings are fun, social, and cultural events organized to connect members and encourage friendships. They occur once a month and include a meal.  Events may include museum tours, theater performances, concerts, sporting events and other enriching experiences. These outings also give members ideas for what they might like to do when meeting with others independently from the group.

How Much Does The Social Cog Cost?
There is an unrefundable $300 annual Membership fee.

How is the Social Cog Funded?
Social Cog is funded by generous donations of caring individuals, organizations, and foundations.


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