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Create Your Personal Fundraiser

1. Enter the Title or Name of your Personal Fundraiser

Note: Use a Title easy to locate.  You will appear as the Host of your fundraiser. 

2. Enter your GOAL
Note: Share your fundraising target (numbers only) 

3. Upload the image for your fundraiser, right from your desktop
Note: Share your fundraising target (numbers only)

4. Include your content
Note: Enter content simply typing in the editor area.  Remove unwanted text.  Add your own.

5. Click on PREVIEW to see your fundraiser, adjust if you wish, SAVE to submit for publishing
Note: All fundraisers will be reviewed by our organization for publishing. You will receive a confirmation and then you can invite supportes, using the TELL A FRIEND button that will appear below your image.


Create Your Personal Fundraiser

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Thank you for support.  You will receive an email confirmation.
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