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The Social Cog Member Events

South Beach Escape Room May 2018
Social Cog Members had a lot of fun escaping different rooms! They had to work together to solve puzzles, manipulate objects, and search for clues. The members were able to enjoy each other, had lunch, and hangout after all the puzzle solving. View More

Hollywood Beach April 2018
Social Cog Members enjoyed indoor and outdoor games. It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop the members from having fun. They had fun playing table games and when the rain stopped they were able to enjoy some outdoor games.          View More 

The Real Food Academy March 2018
The Social Cog Members had a cooking class at The Real Food Academy. They had a great day while cooking! Our members cooked delicuous empandas, salad and paella. And, they were able to eat everything they cooked while catching up. View More

Painting with a Twist January 2018
Social Cog Members enjoyed creating their own patining! While following the instruction of Paitning with a Twist staff members, they were all able to finalize a beautiful Under the Sea Painting. View More

Empower Farms November 2017
The Social Cog Members enjoyed the day at the farm. The activities included digging, planting, mulching, vegetable seddling and painting. View More

Strike 10 Bowling October 2017
The Social Cog Members had a great day! The members got to know each other while Bowling. View More

Orientation-Kick Off Event September 2017
Returning Social Cog members welcome new members for the start of our fifth year. At orientation members met with their social coaches, greeted old friends and made new members feel welcome. Member's enjoyed each other over snacks and games. View More


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