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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Fundraising

1. Where does the money raised go to?

A: Funds collected through our fundaising portal and all activities we perform, are allocated to support our mission.

2. Can I create my own fundraiser?

A: Yes, we welcome you to support us by hosting your personal fundraiser. Simply click here, you will be able to easily setup your fundraiser. We will automatically receive a request to approve it. We ensure that all fundraisers comply with our mission and guidelines before publishing them to the public. When we approve it, you will receive an automatic confirmation so you can access it and invite your friends to support your fundraiser using the Tell A Friend button. It's fun. And most importantly, it helps!

3. How can I help?

A: There are many ways you can help. For example, click on Tell A Friend and help us spread the word about our mission, our programs, our events, our fundraisers. You can also make a donation, or support our open fundraisers, or even host your own personal fundraiser. And if you would like to donate some time to help our cause, simply call us. 

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