Dear Friends,

We are writing you to report on some upcoming changes to The Social Cog. Natalie, Marte and Nick started The Social Cog in 2012 and began the program in 2013 with our first group of Members. We have loved working together and enjoyed the challenge of creating and running The Social Cog to fulfill an unmet need in our community. However, all things change and Natalie and Marte have decided to step down from their roles as Executive Director/President/Board Member and General Counsel/Secretary/Director this coming fall. Fortunately for The Social Cog, Dr. Nick intends to stay on as Clinical Director and to also become the Executive Director in order to keep the program operating.

We all want The Social Cog program to continue with minimal changes for our Members. The Social Cog will be moving away from fundraising as its primary financial resource, therefore, the program will undergo changes in how it is funded. This means that there will be an increase in the Membership Registration fee, and Dr. Nick is currently in the process of figuring out those logistics. As soon as we have more information about the changes to the fee structure that will take effect next fall, we will let you know. Currently, our resources are sufficient to assure that there will be no programmatic changes during the current operating year.

It has been our great honor to have worked together and see this little idea we had grow into such a wonderful, rewarding program that has helped so many. The way we have been embraced by our Members, their Supporters, our Social Coaches, our Donors and the South Florida community has been touching: our appreciation is hard to put into words. We thank everyone who has understood our vision and who has helped enrich the lives of our Members through building this community. We did this together and we are so proud. Our plan is for The Social Cog to continue to help our Members develop the friendships and community that is so important to them.

With Gratitude,

Nick, Natalie & Marte


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