- EXPIRATION DATE: 2023 / 08 / 19

Check out The Social Cog and some of it's Members in the lastest episode of Your South Florida.

Donations + Silent Auction

  • View Open Fundraisers

    Your donation today will help us support our Members in achieving their goal of developing friendships and an enriching social life!

  • Create a Personal Fundraiser

    If you feel as strongly as we do about our mission, you have this great opportunity to create your own Fundraiser to support this Campain. Kick-it off with The Social Cog.  

  • Silent Auction

    Text2Bid Provides an easy, fun, and convenient web-based, virtual bidding solution to place bids, raise your auction paddle, buy items. Check out amazing vacations, fun experiences, beautiful jewelry, and more! 


    Text Cog to 71760 to register!

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    Help us reach more donors and have a greater impact by sharing this campaign on your Social Media. 

We want to thank all of you, our donors and supporters for believing in us and helping us achive our goals!


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