• Testimonials From Our Members

Michael Garcia-Borges

Active Member


"I have been part of the Social Cog since 2018. Before I joined, I had very few friends I had regular contact with. Now that I’m part of the group, my number of friends has expanded. Not only did I make more friends who are in the Social Cog, but I also made friends outside of it, all of whom I communicate with regularly. I have to thank the group for helping me to gain more courage when making friends and reaching out to people, which has been a daunting task to me before." 


- Michael



Grier Harris

Active Member


"Thanks to vaccinations and The Cog, I’m looking forward to building new and old friendships this year. I’ve always enjoyed getting together with friends but since school it’s been a lot harder. Now I have many friends. I plan outings and I’m not so anxious at loud events and in crowds. The Cog has helped me be myself, be more relaxed and independent. And, I even found a terrific boyfriend in The Cog!"

- Grier

Michael Markowitz

Active Member


"My experience as a member of the social cog has been valuable, uplifting, and socially transformative. Most of the friends I have made over the past five years I made through the connections I made in the social cog. Before joining, most of my social interactions were limited to family members and at the college I went to at the time. The cog pushed me to make close friendships with many people I never would have met otherwise. It also promoted some fun experiences throughout the events such as kayaking, bowling and in one case going to a bird sanctuary. Overall, I am much better off than I was socially before I joined the social cog. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make friends and overcome social obstacles."


- Michael Markowitz

Debra Demry



"Needless to say, the pandemic has not been an easy time. It’s been amazing, though, to see how strong the connections are among the Cog members. Throughout the entire shutdown, Shayna has continued to participate with multiple ‘chat groups’ and maintain the social relationships she has developed throughout her ‘Cog membership.’


I wish I had a way to create a ‘Shayna graph’ to illustrate the incredible changes she’s made over the past eight years. She eloped from the first Cog meeting; she’s now facilitating multiple ‘chat groups.’ And what makes my heart sing is her empathy for her friends — making sure everyone is able to participate successfully — no movies without subtitles. And maintaining friendships via long distance — moving away doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected.


I’m one of those parents who is eternally grateful. Social Cog is THE single transformational program bringing Shayna to where she is today!"


- Deb

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